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221b Bakerstreet
221B Baker Street
(c) 1987 by Datasoft

Designed by Steven Duboff, John P. Sohl, Jeff Harth
Graphics by Todd Camasta
Atari 800 program by John P. Sohl
Atari color enhancement by Bonita Reid

Alternate Reality: The City
Alternate Reality: The City
(c) 1985 by Datasoft

(c) 1985 by Philip Price

Alternate Reality: The Dungeon
(c) 1987 by Intellicreations Inc

Designed and programmed by Dan Pinal and Ken Jordan
original concept by Philip Price
graphics by Steve Hofmann & Bonita Reid
music by Gary Gilbertson
AR The Dungeon
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Bishop's Square
Bishop's Square / Maxwell's Demon
(c) 1982 by Datasoft, Inc.

written by Mark Riley

- boot with Basic -

Bismarck - the North Sea Chase
(c) 1988 by Intellicreations, Inc.

programmed by Kevin Shapiro

Bruce Lee
(c) 1984 by Datasoft, Inc.

programming by Ron J. Fortier
concept by Ron J. Fortier & Kelly Day
graphic art by Kelly Day

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